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Launched in 2013 in the context of our annual GALA, the second edition of LOVETRIANGLE will be presented on the occasion of "NE TRÉBUCHEZ PAS SUR LE FIL" exhibition.
LOVETRIANGLE is a triangular relationship of friendship, support, and passion between Triangle France, artists and collectors.

Each year, in the context of LOVETRIANGLE, Triangle France will offer to its friends and members the opportunity to acquire works specifically produced or given for the occasion by artists in close connection with the exhibition activity of Triangle France. The works represent established, or young, cutting-edge artistic positions and can be acquired exclusively by our members at a price distinctly under that of the general market. These are large or small works, originals, and also editions at preferential prices, the proceeds of which the artists donate to Triangle France (however, artists' proofs remain to the artists and their galleries). We are proud to highlight our identity as an almost 20-year-old artist-run space, therefore, LOVETRIANGLE has to be understood as an exclusive favor from the artists to Triangle France, its friends, and members. In this way they all contribute crucially to maintain our ambitious residency program and the realization of our upcoming exhibits. Each year Triangle France will unveil the list of participating artists and launch the sale during a specific event for its members, before opening the sale online.

The current yearly sale is understood as an exclusive offer for our friends and members!
Non-members, who would like to purchase one of this year’s items, are kindly asked to place their order along with a declaration of membership of Triangle France. Anyone not yet a member can become one if wishing to participate in LOVETRIANGLE, for an annual fee of 20 Euros.