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In partnership with OÙ, Marseille.

Born, 1989. Lives and works in Marseille.

Ben Saint-Maxent develops projects as many contributions to his researches on the history of the make of exoticism.
Saint-Maxent creates installations, close to museographic objects, producing spaces of criticism, between introspection, nostalgia for elsewhere and sculptural gestures.

Ben Saint-Maxent lives and works in Marseille. After graduating from Villa Arson (National art school of Nice) in 2013, he left to mature his work in Latin America. Ben Saint-Maxent participated in the research program "creation & globalization" in Shanghai (run by Paul Devautour) and several residencies. Recently, he presented his projects in Morocco, France, China and the United States.

Ben Saint-Maxent, Loot It, performance with Tanguy Beurdeley and Gaël Canton, 2016, SIVA, Shanghai

Ben Saint-Maxent, Pimpology, installation, 2016, Bazaar Compatible Program, Shanghai

Ben Saint-Maxent, SetTheRuins, video installation, 2018, HLM, Marseille

Ben Saint-Maxent, EAP, installation, 2017, 7 clous, Marseille