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Thursday, March 24, 2022
6:30 P.M.
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Atelier Assemblée
Triangle - Astérides
Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue Jobin
13003 Marseille

Credit Ivan Cheng

“We close the beach for the fireworks. I put up hurricane fencing that only lets the sand pass through. My summer job blurred with tourism; tourism as maquillage.”

Roman Candles is the latest in a series of performance texts produced while in residence at Triangle - Astérides. It is part of a larger project that is invested in the notional underground and spectrums of territorialisation. Written with aleatoric embrace for the context and camera, it adds to footage being accumulated for an upcoming video work; be advised that no release forms are offered for visitors.
RC is a second ‘public’ moment that follows on from ‘Kerosene Knock on Radio Slinky’, presented at Voiture14 on February 26. In KKORS, Myriam Mokdes played Dieter Rams, an influential product designer who has a godchild named Fritzi, and Cheng played Slinky, founder of a long running pirate radio station having a crisis about contemporary complicity and distribution of resources. RC will focus further on the characters of Slinky and Fritzi.

Featuring Ivan Cheng as Fritzi and Slinky
with garments by Good and Bad (Victor Stuhlmann, Marina Kolushova, Ossi Lehtonen)
Camera: Margaux Vendassi

Special thanks to Marie de Gaulejac, Adélie de Soumagnat, Sandar Tun Tun, Good and Bad