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Born in Cairo, in 1983. Lives and works between Amsterdam (NL) and Cairo (EG)

His work includes a range of media; from instinctive drawings to 3D rendered images and digitally fabricated objects and sculptures. Layers of materials - visual, textural, archaeological, chemical, hierarchical, financial, historical, cartographic, etc, - call our trusted narratives of places into question and challenge how stories are constructed and how realities are shaped. Like a stage of familiar historical elements that are taken out of their context and given different interpretations, his installations function as a made-visible zone between religion, politics and myth.

Fahmy Shahin (1983) was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied Textile Printing at Helwan University’s Faculty of Applied Arts. Currently, he resides in Amsterdam and has recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. His graduation project Plastic/Ocean/Desert/Sky was awarded the Interactive, Media, Design department award and received an honourable mention from the Stroom Encouragement Award. It was later featured in a solo presentation at Petra Ark Space (Amsterdam) in 2016, and in the 3D Additivist Cookbook by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke. His latest project Journey In The Land Where Time Rests has recently been presented in a solo exhibition at Vriend Van Bavink (Amsterdam) in 2017.

Fahmy Shahin has been supported by Mophradat for his residency.

Fahmy Shahin, Fahmy Shahin, Plastic/Ocean/Desert/Sky (extract), 2016