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Studio from July 3 to July 12 2024

Zoé Ledoux was born in 1997. Lives and works in Marseille (FR).

Zoé Ledoux problematizes her relationship with work, questioning its value, temporality, and the space in which it comes to life: between domestic space, bureaucratic space, and cultural institution. As a researcher in science, journalist, or curator, her use of role-playing leads her to embody different professions within the realms of work and art, an attempt to understand their mechanics while playfully observing the codes of the world around her (Aude Pulvia).

Zoé Ledoux, Les bénéfices de l'ennui, 2022. Crédit Cécile Braneyre

Zoé Ledoux, L'Art Sinusoïdal : trouver l'équilibre de la création, 2023

Zoé Ledoux, Daily problems of being an international artist, 2022