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In residency from June 8 to July 5 & from September 21 to October 2nd, 2020.
In partnership with Manifesta 13 Marseille as part of the Third Programme's Invisibles Archives.

Lives and works between Québec and France.

V. Jourdain works on her experience as an artist and cultural worker. She knowingly developed the imposter syndrome in the microcosm of contemporary art, her sense of belonging being limited because of the deployment of neoliberal cultural management.

Her research and concerns focus in recent years on art labour and its conditions, the representation of LGBTQI + minorities and the care for affective memories/archives through the prism of art and activism. She is willing to open in France a feminist residence dedicated to research / creation devoted to artists, activists, researchers, taking the risk to break the republican pact and its negation of subordinates. At 40, she also wants to devote time to founding a decent collective framework for aging and taking care of herself and her TPG friends.

She invited Hugues Jourdain to think with her about this proposal for Invisible Archives. Hugues Jourdain is an actor and director who graduated from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris. He develops a sensitive and playful theatre. He is overwhelmed by the voice of Marguerite Duras, the plays of Chekhov and the gorgeous guys from American horror films of the 2000s.

He staged his first show “My body that shivers” in 2017, inspired by the world of Copi. He then mounted a seul en scène adapted from Guillaume Dustan’s novel “In my room" in 2018. For now, he is working on a new creation “Last love” with which he would like to break the curse of heartache.

V. Jourdain, Butch in the Museum, 2019.

V. Jourdain, Dyke Monument, 2020.

V. Jourdain, les confinées, 2020.