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Studio from July 17 to July 12 juillet 2024

Matteo Penza wonders about what it might mean to be a designer in a time when creating increasingly beautiful chairs seems to be the worst thing to do in this world. He ponders what would happen if, instead of designing objects, he designed postures, relationships, gestures, and narratives that evoke other worlds and possibilities, which challenge us and compel us to look at them from a different perspective and follow them by taking a few steps aside.

Matteo Penza, 2021, Lo Mistrau que bate lis uous

Matteo Penza, 2023, Repas Mémorable

Matteo Penza, Lara Spadari, Charles Wicquart, 2022, Apérimètre. Crédits : Maxime Verret