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Ndayé Kouagou

January 26 – February 12, 2021

Commission: Festival Parallèle and Triangle - Astérides, Centre d'art contemporain

Online screening [video in French]

Design: Axel Pelletanche, 2021.

Ndayé Kouagou's proposal for the festival Parallèle 2021, in partnership with Triangle - Astérides, Centre d'art contemporain, is a fictitional and entirely digital programme. For this occasion, Ndayé Kouagou, former resident at Triangle - Astérides, launches the first episode of his series called: "Good people TV : Faut-il se construire dans l'opposition ? [Should we shape our personality in opposition]".

Ndayé Kouagou is an artist based in Paris, his practice always starts from texts of which he is the author. Voluntarily or involuntarily confused, he tries as best as he can to bring a reflection on these 3 subjects; legitimacy, freedom and love. The result is... what it is. He describes his work as "quite interesting, but not that interesting or maybe not interesting at all". He has presented his work among others at Auto Italia South East (London), Centrale Fies (Dro/Italy) and Lafayette Anticipation (Paris) where he also launched his publishing project YBR* (Young Black Romantics).

Commission and co-production: Triangle - Astérides, Centre d'art contemporain and festival Parallèle
Artistic direction: Axel Pelletanche
Film direction: Romain Cieutat
Voice: Rebekka Deubner
Language: French